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Seven Junipers

It’s premature to announce this but I’m impatient so I’ll go ahead and do it anyway. The empire is expanding with another website/blog. It’s, and it will be my place for comment on Asian art and culture.

The title alludes to the seven junipers of Zhidao Guan, a Taoist temple in the city of Changshu in China’s Yangzi delta, as well as to a famous 16th-century painting of them by Wen Zhengming. The junipers, which apparently still stand on the site, were planted in the year 500. For more on the significance of the seven junipers, see the site’s “about” page.

Some of my Asian material is among the most popular on this website, including pages on Taoism, Chinese jades, and the Daode jing, for example. I confess I do hesitate a bit to move pages that are drawing a lot of traffic, so I might proceed cautiously — but sooner or later I expect to move all of this material over to 7 junipers.


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  1. DMS

    Congratulations. You can count on me to be a regular visitor. When do you go ballistic?

  2. I’m already gone. 🙂

  3. LR

    The content of your blog regarding Asian Art and Culture sounds fascinating. Count me in as well.

  4. DMS

    Awesome! That is my sincere reaction of admiration. Congratulations.

    One, comment, I was unable to comment on the posts. I really wanted to badly. Coming as I do from India, on some of the posts, I may be able to comment quite intelligently, even if I say so!

  5. To make a comment at 7Junipers you click the dash after the word “comments,” if your comment is the first, or the number if other comments have already been made.

    Where are you from in India, DMS?

  6. Muy fabulous! Where do you get the energy? Your blog is my model for what I’d like to do if I had your level of erudition and web savy design smarts. I’m adding it to my daily reading “must do” list and sharing with my friends who are all awestruck (as I am) by what you create.

  7. Aw shucks, ma’am.

  8. LR

    One more from India, a classical vocalist at that!

  9. Welcome, friends from India.

  10. DMS

    Pune, Maharashtra.

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