How to Get a Book Published

how to get a book published

Over at Google Blogoscoped they’ve been talking about Google results for the query “how to get a …” Seems the things people appear to want are a passport, a six pack, a girl (or guy), and a book published.

Well, I can’t help much with the six pack, the girl, or the passport. But “how to get a book published” yields 54,100,000 results. And guess who’s number 1?

how to publish search results

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  1. Tom,
    I loved your site. I was one of the 54 million people that googled “how to get a book published”. I toured and then bookmarked your site. I’m old enough to appreciate the Dan Quayle-isms. Unfortunately, since they are so bad, they make the Bushisms seem minor.

  2. You have a good site here. Just wanted to let you know that is a new ebook publishing company that people may be interested in checking out.