A few years ago I redid my home page and other parts of my rightreading.com site. Mainly I was bored and decided to learn the 960 web design system. But now I feel the new home page is too static and not as much fun as the old one, and I’m reverting. The new (ancient, really, and now revived) home page looks like this (I might upgrade the quality of the Goya image, if I’m not too lazy; images in this post, BTW, are also links):

New (revived) rightreading.com home page

New (revived) rightreading.com home page.

Here’s the 960-grid homepage. I do like the carousel. I think I will convert this into my bio page.

960-grid former home page at rightreading.com

960-grid former home page at rightreading.com.

It would replace the current bio page, which looks like this:

Thomas W. Christensen bio page at rightreading.com

Thomas W. Christensen bio page at rightreading.com.

The one thing I need to figure out how to do is to use the 960 page for mobile devices and the Goya page for desktop. I’ll have to research how that is down (unless someone want to save me the time and just tell me).

And so we move on . . .