Barrier Islands in January

I mentioned I’m on the road. Soon we’ll be heading down to Florida, where I guess it’s in at least the mid 70s, but for the moment we’re enjoying Beaufort, South Carolina, home of grand houses set on big lots full of live oaks that are draped with Spanish moss.

a historic house in beaufort, south carolina

There is an abundance of seafood here, with something for everyone.

gay fish company on lady's island

The area is characterized as subtropical, but temperatures last night dipped below freezing, and the wind off the Atlantic on nearby Hunting Island was a tad chill, as Carol can attest.

chill january wind off the atlantic on hunting island, south carolina

Nonetheless, some 500 people gathered there today for the annual January 1 “pelican plunge,” when (fool)hardy souls test the frigid waters. But this failed to faze the resident fowl.

heron, beaufort, south carolina


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  1. That first picture looks amazing..something out of a movie. The notebook meets the jungle hehe. I miss southern weather as it is cold as heck in NJ.

  2. It really was a time in the south, a rich time of mansions and lazy hazy days.

  3. Well, Laudy, Laudy, Mr. Christensen; “your” mansion is gorgeous but did you eat Hoppin’ John and Cornbread on New Year’s Day to ensure you good luck in 2009?

  4. Miz Nancy, I missed the Hoppin’ John, but I’m fixing to have me some before we move on from the Low Country. I did try me some hushpuppies, and I do think they would serve well to shush down the dogs.

  5. I love me some hush puppies but I am sure glad that we don’t have to put on those darm corsets like Scarlett did after a Southern meal full of pork, grease, and starch. It’s mighty delicious but hard on the waistline; however, my Southern grandparents lived to their late 70’s and just about every thing they ate was fried in bacon grease. Except the coffee; coffee was as black as sin, sweetened with several spoons of sugar.

  6. I love seeing pictures of the south during winter. Here in Chicago it’s in the teens and might snow again, seeing Spanish moss makes me warm… Regards!