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Publish and perish

Having completed my scriptorium and tabularium and got my books somewhat organized, I found myself with a bunch of duplicates and some other books I no longer needed. So I gave some away and boxed a bunch more up to exchange at a used bookstore.

At the store the buyer rejected most of the books (as is to be expected). Then she “softened” her rejection with the condescending concession (and I quote) “It’s good stuff. It’s just stuff whose time has passed.” So there you have it, laid out as starkly as could be: books as a perishable commodity!

I was tempted to look pointedly around the store and then reply, “Oh, I know. That’s why I’m replacing them with a Kindle.”

But I wouldn’t do that.


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Venice book tower


Polls are wonderful


  1. Too horrible!!! But such is life. OK, back to the new novel.

  2. I’ve run into the same thing over here – in fact, book stores have gotten so picky that I don’t bring in my books for resale. It’s not worth it – I donate them to the Community Thrift Store or the Mechanics Institute Library. It’s too bad because I have some great books but c’est la vie. Or is that c’est le livre?

  3. I’ve just been writing on publishing and the chances of the e-book taking over. It looks like a 50-50 thing in the long run.

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