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Nine Views of Point Pinole

All taken 14 April 2020 with a Samyang / Rokinon 12mm f2 (wide-angle) lens.

Riso Circles

An exhibit of Riso printing presented at San Francisco State under the auspices of the faculty and students of the Design Gallery class of the department of Visual Communication.

Scientific Historica: How the World’s Great Science Books Chart the History of Knowledge, by Brian Clegg

What is wonderful about this book is its visual content, and for that it is highly recommended.

The Nature of Plants: An Introduction to How Plants Work, by Craig N. Huegel

This book’s analysis of how plants work is its most important contribution. For, as Huegel says, “When we understand plants, we understand the foundation of life on earth.”

The Golden Ratio: The Divine Beauty of Mathematics, by Gary D. Meisner

Although I remain largely unpersuaded by Meisner’s survey of the golden ratio in artworks, his book is well produced and rich with images.

La Vie en Rose

Text of a bit I wrote on what it means to be alive, selected as a notable essay of 2019 in Best American Essays 2019, edited by Rebecca Solnit.

Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the New Millennium

An old book review, recently unearthed.

Swiss Exhibit, 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale

The Swiss pavilion won the Golden Lion national pavilion award for presenting “a compelling exhibition which was enjoyable while tackling the critical issues of scale in domestic space.”

Garamond Premier Pro

Working with Garamond Premier Pro for my book on Persian ceramics, I have been impressed by the range of sizes and weights the typeface includes. There are regular,…

Printing Revolution, 1450-1500

This bilingual Italian and English take on an exhibition catalogue for general readers, though it does not go deeply any particular aspect of its topic, is supported by a great depth of research and a surety of judgment, providing a good overview of early European printing.

The Blend If function in Photoshop

the Blend If function is one of the most powerful in Photoshop. Watch a video from Phlearn.

The Harrowing of Hell Mosaic, Basilica San Marco, Venice

Dating from 1617-1618, this mosaic on the upper level of the facade of the basilica of San Marco is made up of tesserae—small pieces of colored glass, stone, and enamel set in plaster.

Palazzo Trevisan, Murano, Venice

“The most remarkable Renaissance palace on Murano.”
— Richard Goy, Venice: An Architectural Guide

Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence, Italy

Just downstream from the Ponte Vecchio, the Ponte Santa Trinita, the world’s oldest elliptic arch bridge, was constructed from 1567 to 1569 by Bartolomeo Ammannati. The bridge was…

San Giorgio and the Giudecca from Riva degli Schiavoni, Venice

The cupola of the Redentore is visible beyond San Giorgio Maggiore. The modest-looking piers in the foreground are used by the Marco Polo Boat Club. GPS: 45.433732, 12.345992

Punta della Dogana, Venice

The Punta della Dogana is the pointy tip of the Dorsaduro where the Grand and Giudecca Canals meet. It is named for the dogana (Dogana di Mare), or…

A Section of the Grand Canal in the Dorsaduro Sestiero of Venice

The Palazzo Genovese, Palazo Benzon, Palazzo Salviati, Palazzo Barbaro, and Palazzo Dario make up one of the finest stretches of Venice’s Grand Canal.

Beech Forest, Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts

The sole remnant of the original arboreal landscape of Cape Cod is a beech forest preserve at the northern end of the cape.

Vegetable venders near the Ponte dei Pugni

So convenient to pop down to the canal and pick up a few fresh fruits and vegetables. The nearby bridge is called the Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of…

María Félix, 1914-2002

Nice to see the great María Félix as a Google Doodle today (April 8, her 103rd birthday). Here she is as Catalina de Erauso in The Lieutenant Nun (from my…

Ca’ Farsetti, Venice

I have been researching the interesting history of Venice and the Veneto, and will be posting a few entries, mainly incorporating photos I’ve taken during visits there. (This…


I don’t do much portrait photography. Most of my people shots are casual and unposed. The majority are of family, and it seems we are often wearing sunglasses….

Capuchin and Cappuccino

The drink takes its name from the color of the monks’ robes.

Claude Lévi-­Strauss on Travel