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Has Technorati jumped the shark?

One of the most impressive things about Google is its staying power. The life cycle of online ventures is usually pretty short. Digg, for example, is no longer as compelling as it once was, despite its inflated offering price.

Then there’s Technorati. Its ascension into the heights of the blogosphere was the result of its being the first search engine or aggregator for blogs. (Over the first two decades of the internet all that has been required for massive success has been one simple idea, but surely at some point more sophisticated thinking will be necessary.) What is Technorati good for now?

No, really — I can’t figure it out. Google Blog Search does a better job of searching blogs for content. (WordPress 2.3 has abandoned Technorati and now uses Google Blog Search to track backlinks.) Sites like MyBlogLog and BUMPzee are better at the social aspect of blogging.

I have a bunch of feeds designed to find new material on various topics, but the Technorati feeds have become entirely redundant and are not finding material that I can’t find more quickly by other means. I think I am going to have to delete all the Technorati feeds. Redundancy creates inefficiency and with a day job, several blogs, and free-lance work on the side I can’t afford to be any more inefficient than I naturally am.

So tell me, what is the use of Technorati?


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  1. So, I’m curious; I sort of understand how you set up news feeds but what are some of your search terms? If I were to set up a series of feeds for articles on art, what would I need to do to keep from being spammed with all sorts of articles on art that I’m not interested in. I’ve tried generic terms like Asian art or Renaissance art but haven’t found the news feeder as accurate as my own searches plus the blogs that I read in a daily (or almost ) daily basis. I am such an Internet junkie that I probably don’t need more excuses to be on line but what the heck! It’s all gist for my painting, right?

  2. Nancy

    I’ve run out of time to answer this tonight. I’ll get to it this weekend.

  3. “So tell me, what is the use of Technorati?”

    I suspect it is a place for people to search for information about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, if not, I’m stumped.

  4. I think there’s a stronger case for Feedburner being defunct now that so many browsers are so much more RSS-friendly. I still use it for stats, because I like their bar-graph format, but am sure I could get what I need from Google Analytics instead.

    I find Technorati is better at telling me who’s responded to one of my posts than a link:url search on Google Blogsearch. But apart from that, I agree Google Blogsearch tends to be more timely. They have more spiders than our outdoor shed in summer.

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