A photoblog

I’ve replaced my html photography page with a simple, casual photoblog.

tom's photoblog

I’m not sure exactly why, since most of my photos that I put online go on Flickr. Still, I’ll probably post a photo here every week or two.

This site, BTW, started as an adjunct to the Mercury House site that first went up in December 1994. Back then my personal corner was sort of resumelike, and some vestiges of that still linger on. One of my goals for this year is to clean, prune, update, and organize a lot of the older material.

The photo page links from the html home page here:

links to photoblog from rightreading.com

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  1. Motivator

    The photo looks kinda cool..What bird is it?

  2. I see I forgot to make a direct link (now fixed).

    The bird is a yellow-crowned night heron, photographed on Longboat Key on Florida’s Gulf coast.