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Average Number of Vacation Days per Year
source: World Tourism Organization (WTO)

average number of vacation days in various countriesItaly    42 days
France    37 days
Germany    35 days
Brazil    34 days
UK    28 days
Canada    26 days
Korea    25 days
Japan    25 days
USA    13 days



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  1. One could make a comment regarding workload and management demands but one won’t. Happy holidays anyway!

  2. You could be in Korea or Japan, you know. 🙂

  3. Mark

    Is this just vacation, or vacation plus statutory holidays? If it’s just vacation, some of these numbers are probably too high (most Canadians get only two weeks, or 10 days a year.) If its vacation plus holidays, the number for the U.S. seems low.

  4. Greg

    I bet its paid days off per year. considering many, many Americans work part time jobs that offer no paid time off (sick, holiday, or vacation) and most trade union jobs are also that way (their “vacation time” is worked in to their hourly wage and they therefore only get paid when they work). If thats the case, averaging lots of people who get zero, I bet 13 isnt too far off the mark for Americans.

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