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Friday roundup | Duly quoted

“Honour commercio’s energy yet aid the linkless proud, the plurable with everybody.”
Finnegans Wake

Duly Quoted

  • “You won’t win on quick distribution, and you won’t win on price. Cyberspace has that covered. Go back to an old-fashioned idea: that a book, printed in ink on durable paper, acid-free for longevity, is a thing of beauty. Make it as well as you can. People want to cherish it.”
    James Gleick



Five of Books


Appreciating Tschichold


  1. Thanks for the mention of the Designer’s Review of Books. Hope you enjoy what is to come – there’s a whole stack of books in the wings, giggling in nervous anticipation of their reviews.

    That James Gleick quote is great, by the way.

  2. As a person who grew up in an environment where books were treated as dear friends, reading is very much my thing.

    Thanks for the great links and thoughtful information. You’re on my list!


  3. Death of the middle is interesting.

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