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Language differences between men and women


  1. Outsourcing copy editing to India!? Whatever next? Yesterday, Chanel 7 ran an old 2006 Ophra program on the huge drop out rate among American teenagers and the horrible state of (mostly) urban schools. However, I found myself wondering what future these inner city and rural kids had to look forward to, even if they did graduate from high school. Every thing that can be “outsourced” is being sent to countries where the workers can be paid in pennies and have no (or little) political rights. Their working conditions are usually horrible. In the meantime our working and middle classes are being squeezed in both directions. It’s no wonder that there’s a state of hopelessness and despair – and now, the outsourcing syndrome is beginning to hit even our more educated classes. Sorry for the long rant but – while I don’t wish poverty on India and China- what our corporate masters is doing is bringing all of us, except for a favored few, down to the level of a 3rd world country.

  2. I hear you, Nancy. It would be interesting to see the examples of the editing.

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