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The Asian Art Museum has made an agreement with Tuttle Publishing for the exclusive distribution of all Asian Art Museum books. Not only will Tuttle distribute new books going forward, but existing distribution agreements are being terminated, and Tuttle will handle the museum’s backlist as well.

The arrangement with Tuttle should give the museum more effective distribution than it had in the past, not only in the U.S. but in Asia and throughout the world.

Tuttle Publishing, which includes Tuttle, Periplus Editions, and Journey Editions, is the leading English-language book publishing and distribution company in Asia. The company was founded by Charles E. Tuttle (1915-1993) in Tokyo in 1948. His mission was to publish “books to span the East and West.” The core of the Asian Art Museum’s collection was donated by Avery Brundage (1887-1975), who, similarly, sought to create a “bridge to undertstanding” between East and West.

This summer the museum will publish an important new book on the court arts of China’s Ming dynasty.