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Lhasa de Sela

The great Montreal-based singer Lhasa de Sela died January 1 of breast cancer at the age of thirty-seven. Lhasa was born to an American mother and Mexican father…

A message from Mr. D.

So What

Over at Tom’s Book of Days I had Miles Davis’s birthday as May 25. But in Ted Gioia’s History of Jazz he gives May 26, so I’ve updated…

It seems so right somehow

Cheney video set to Radiohead’s “Creep.”

My Sweet Lord

Looks like the Roger Smith Hotel in New York has caved in to demands from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights to remove the art piece…

Mambo de la Luna

Lately I’ve been listening to Kirsty MacColl’s Tropical Brainstorm … mostly at work, however, as folks at home are getting a little tired of it. Click below for…

Why we need music

Nerve impulses are based on sound not electricity.

Cousin Kerry, Master Alpine and Western Yodeler

Sista Annie will like this one. I figure Kerry Christensen must be someone’s cousin, even if not ours. Click the groovy photo to hear samples of his yodeling…

Drum Machine

Generally speaking, I’m not a big fan of flash animations. This one isn’t bad, though.

Another Volley in the War on Christmas

The Martyrdom of Nicholas, by Francisco de Goya and Thomas Christensen Top Ten Seasonal Songs That Don’t Mention Christmas As a public service to those who will be…

Reg Kehoe and His Marimba Queens

click to view via Spodinvark via Serpent Factory.

Ukes in the News

Apparently there was a uke performance last night on a show called Boston Legal. The uke player was “an insane male kidnapper who spoke exactly like Katherine Hepburn.”…

Ukes for troops

tropical blogging, beachside

A work trip brings rightreading to Waikiki this week, so posting will be light. After a short time here I observed that Waikiki is evidently Hawaiian for “place…