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Companion Sites Roundup

Here’s what’s been happening at my companion sites:

Frisco Vista

Buried Mirror

Alameda Manzanita on Sobrante Ridge

alameda manzanitaSobrante Ridge Regional Botanic Preserve, on the site of a former cattle ranch, occupies a space more or less surrounded by the suburban East Bay community of El Sobrante. I wonder how many El Sobranteans are aware that this preserve houses a beautiful rare and endangered manzanita, only found in one other location.

Bay Area biomes

Land's End, San FranciscoI’ve completed a brief survey of Bay Area plant communities over at Frisco Vista.

The Bay Area topic suits me because I’ve accumulated a bunch of photos from around the bay over the years.

Disrespecting Asia?

Are the San Francisco travel guide books dissing Asia?

That’s what Frisco Vista says.

Rampaging Sea Lions

sea lion (via

What’s making the sea lions cranky? Frisco Vista, a new site devoted to San Francisco travel (what they’re building is so new they’re still working on the foundation) is asking that question.

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