San Marco, ink and watercolor painting

Ink and watercolor on paper, 11 x 14 in. Click to enlarge.

I’ve posted about this painting before, so I won’t repeat what I said about the process. I’m putting this up mainly so I have a place to link to the image without the accompanying blather, as a couple of instances have come up requiring that.

The ink is Platinum Carbon Black. I use fountain pens. To me, micron pens lack soul.

There are two triads of colors. Most of the painting is done with WN ultramarine blue (PB29), yellow ochre (PY43), and venetian red (PR101).

The second group of colors (also all WN) was used to mix the gold color, and the paints are applied in varying proportions. They are cadmium scarlet (PR108), burnt sienna (PR101), and yellow ochre (PY43).

Some comments about the process here.