Scholar’s Accoutrements

This 19th-century painting by Yi Ungnok is in the form of a large screen. It is an excellent example of the Korean painting motif of chaekkori, or scholar’s accoutrements. (The screen is in the collection of the Asian Art Museum.)

Chaekkeori paintings depict items from a scholar’s study. They always include stacks of books, brushes, ink sticks, inkstones, scrolls, and antiquities.

Scholars reading this may wish to post in a comment or e-mail me “chaekkori” paintings or photos of their own studies to extend the tradition into the 21st century.


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  1. I love that screen at the Asian. What makes it even better is that there is a bench right in front of it so you can sit and muse over all the beautiful objects to your heart’s content. It makes me smile to think of my “Scholar’s studio” with my desk full of books and papers and my art table littered with works in progress, brushes and paints. It’s no where as elegant as Yi Ungnok’s painting. In fact, organized chaos is more like it.