Left face / right face : Gary Busey

Gary Busey

This is the latest in my left face/right face series. I noticed Gary Busey has a very asymmetrical face. The original photo is in the middle. The image on the left is composed of the right side of his face repeated, and the image on the right is made up of two left sides.

I don’t claim it means much, but it’s like light through a spectrum. All those colors equal white, and these faces put together equal, well, Gary Busey, I guess.


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  1. Dave Barton

    I was searching for a while looking for this phenonoma of left and right face,but it is hard to explain on google…

    I was looking for a picture of Nixon I saw once…..scary stuff!

    (comment moved here by xensen from this post, where it was out of place)

  2. I dont know if you meant to do this, but that dude had a yin&yan symbol necklace, it just made it all the more meaning full

  3. The right face looks really funny. The left face got a nice hairstyle! 😀