An Exhibit of Riso Printing and Community at San Francisco State University

I attended an exhibit of Riso printing presented at San Francisco State under the auspices of the faculty and students of the Design Gallery class of the department of Visual Communication. And now I want to do Riso printing!

Riso is a kind of marriage of photocopying and silkscreening.
Artistic effects reminiscent of silkscreen can be achieved through the low-cost photomechanical process, in which ink is mixed from separate colored drums.
Riso printers from around the world shared samples of their work, some of which are shown here on the center tables. On the left in this photo is an interactive portion of the exhibit in which visitors can apply colored fingerprints to see the effect of different color overlays. On the right are highlights of student interviews with Riso printers from around the world.
Contributed work can be seen not only on the tables and display stands but also on the far wall.

In the words (almost) of a famous possum (and I would vote for him now), I GO RISO!