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New Graphic Design

new graphic design

Alki1 has created a nice Flickr set of examples of the so-called new graphic design. If you’re interested in that modular Swiss look, it’s a good resource.


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  1. Thanks, combine this with a great CMS system like Drupal’s FLEX and you can make some nice looking site/blog themes.

  2. Jennifer

    Its easy to get lost in all the code and css perfectionism, so the first rule is easy to forget, thanks for providing that as a refresher as well as the other helpful sections.

  3. Alison

    I don’t think there are any rules really. Just make sure your a good designer than attack the project using the methods that work best for you. You need to be quite skilled with interface design and implementation to create something that sticks and gets popular.

  4. Alex

    There are rules, basic design rules you need to abide by. Such as line and shape, color is not that all important if you have a great design.

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