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Month: February 2017

What’s New at Tom’s Garden

Tom's Garden home page, February 2017.

Tom’s Garden home page, February 2017.

I’ve been a bit more active recently over at Frisco Vista (that could change). Among the more recent posts there:

  • photo magic
  • an aromatic bitters triumph
  • the best online guide to DIY vermouth resources
  • one of the best posts on making ginger beer (bug or yeast?)
  • anatomy of a flower
  • bioregions of the SF Bay Area
  • an appearance from the great Sir Oliver Hardy
  • more

Mailbag: 10 Design Trends

Design trends graphic (detail).

Design trends graphic (detail).

I received an e-mail from Katie Smith of Creative Market calling my attention to their infographic on design trends of the past year. “f you feel this article is a good fit for your audience then please feel free to pass it along with your blog post,” she wrote. As it happens, I do think it is worth sharing. The ten trends are “Flat 2.0; bold, playful typography; whimsical illustrations; the new retro; motion; minimalist logotypes; geometric shapes; print-inspired (analogue printing influenced); abstract Swiss; movies and cartoons.” Has abstract Swiss been trendy for eighty years now?

I’m not a trendy designer myself, but still, it’s worth keeping up with what’s going on. The graphic itself is a good example of  a type of current information design (which I generally like). Note that the graphic is followed by discussion further down the page. Click through the portion of the graphic displayed above or click here for the original post.

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