Month: May 2012

Uncle Drew

I know it’s Pepsi, but Uncle Drew is still awesome.

Friday Roundup: Links for May 11

“Every separation is a link.” — Simone Weil Lots of questions today: Can bookstores compete by combining traditional strengths with innovations? : Is the answer really as easy as…

Bravo, Walters!

The Walters Art Museum has donated some 19,000 images of works from their collections to Wikimedia. They are among the museums — another is the Getty — who reject…

Kansas City Public Library

Nice. I’m guessing not many patrons have difficulty finding the library.   (via  

Friday roundup: links for May 4

“Every separation is a link.” — Simone Weil Top five regrets of the dying : “Wish I’d spent more time at the office” not on the list Supermoon tomorrow :…