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Month: February 2012

Barney Rosset

barney rosset

RIP Barnet Lee Rosset, Jr. (May 28, 1922–February 21, 2012), publisher of Grove Press and Evergreen Review.

1616 landing page updated

1616 landing page

Earlier I talked about creating a landing page for my book 1616. At that time I just put together a quick image map with hot spots for links. But this meant the text was an image, which meant it was neither very editable nor very googleable. In addition, I thought the middle column was a bit too thin and the type too small. So I’ve redone the page as CSS. I’ve also included a new link to an e-mail newsletter that I intend to send out every couple of months or so. You can sign up for it here.

If anything on the landing page seems amiss please let me know.

Google on Google

a google privacy e-mail appearing in my gmail spam folder

You find some funny things in your gmail spam folder sometimes. Google seems to think this e-mail is spam.

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