Month: September 2011

Links for Friday, September 30

“Every separation is a link.” — Simone Weil A look at the truthiness of presidential candidates : Whose pants are on fire? The answer won’t surprise anyone. A Bill of…

More on the “alt” tag

I recently lamented my belated discovery that “alt” text was not being displayed on mouseover of my images. The estimable Peecay of Bibliodyssey has replied by e-mail with…

Another boring blurb post

“Outstanding book. Tom Christensen’s scholarship is meticulous. The reproductions are beautiful. 1616 is a treasure.” — Evan S. Connell, Jr. I got this nice blurb from Evan S….

The Danish Poet

The Danish Poet is a animated short film written, directed, and animated by Torill Kove. It is narrated by Liv Ullmann. Via Jason del Arroz.

John E. Wills on 1616

“With its stories of restless spirits and restless feet and its truly amazing images from Japan to Persia to Rome, this book will surprise and delight every reader…

Productivity secret

With a couple of forthcoming books and other projects in the works, I’m sometimes asked how I manage to do this considering I have a day job, and…

Links for Friday, September 16

“Every separation is a link.” — Simone Weil Finding time : Anne Lamott argues it’s precious No Publisher Needed? : Author raises $16K advance for himself in one week Vladimir…

“Alt” text not displayed on mouseover


Man, I guess I’m late coming to this realization but I just noticed that in my default browser, Chrome, my images’ “alt” text was not being displayed on mouseover on a page I was working on. A little investigation revealed that nowadays you’re supposed to use the “title” tag instead. I’ve got seventeen years of web pages that use the “alt” tag. My older version of Dreamweaver has a field for “alt,” but I would have to insert “title” manually. Color me bummed.


Nope, that’s not me. The image is from jugbo’s photostream.

Links for Friday, September 9

“Every separation is a link.” — Simone Weil Is President Obama a Lost Cause Environmentally? : It’s looking that way. Rocking the classics : On tee shirts

Links for Friday, September 2

Every separation is a link. — Simone Weil

UPDATE: C. E. Petit has e-mailed to let me know that he commented on “What killed American lit?”  here:

Richard Nash in Boston Review

In many respects we’ve got a real Stockholm Syndrome around the model of publishing as it’s existed up until now. We just take for granted that it is…