Month: August 2011

Controlling content order in epubs

Lately I’ve been exploring the new epub functionality in InDesign CS5.5. One of the things that has previously been difficult is controlling the order of objects in the…

Fun with verbs

How does a hurricane move? It “barrels” and “churns,” to judge from the most popular verbs. “Lumbers” is the oddest verb choice, yet it is used rather often,…

Happy birthday, Jorge Luis Borges

Feliz cien duodécimo, estimado señor autor!

1616 landing page

1616 landing page

I made a simple landing page for 1616. (It’s just a big image map — a picture with clickable areas –that’s about 200 KB.) If it doesn’t load and look okay for you let me know.

There’s room to expand to the right. If I get another blurb or two I’ll shift the brief descriptive copy right. That copy is adapted from the publisher’s catalogue. Even though I live in Richmond, home of Rosie the Riveter, I would not normally refer to my own writing as “riveting.” But I am trying to be a good compliant author.

UPDATE 1: The blurb text was too small so I moved the descriptive copy right. Compare the finished page to the thumbnail above by clicking though on it.

UPDATE 2: I added a simple slide show of sample spreads.

Links for Friday, August 12

“Every separation is a link” — Simone Weil

On e-books and print books

It seems clear at this point that, particularly in genres like romance and science fiction, e-books are cutting into print sales. Right now we’re in a transitional period…

Human flowers

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