Month: January 2009

Updike links

So many people admire John Updike — one local editors says he should win the Nobel for literature — that I am almost afraid to voice my dissenting…

Driving traffic

Today’s guest post at ForeWord Magazine is about how book publishers can increase traffic to their websites. .

On the beach

This image of Anne (with ukulele) and Carol (with cell phone) on the beach on Anna Maria Island has been run through the machine. .

Internet book marketing

The next installment of my series of columns that is running at Foreword Magazine this month is up. This one looks at why publishers should try to optimize…

Out to lunch

Remember the restaurant known in English as Translate Server Error? Well, be thankful the directions for finding it were not in Welsh.

Why are Americans reading more literature?

If in fact they are — but so claims the National Endowment for the Arts. For the first time in more than 25 years, American adults are reading…


Sure, it’s a little overcast, and it rained a bit earlier. But wouldn’t you expect there to be someone on the beach at 1:00 in the afternoon? .




I guess this week I’ve got a sort of travel blog — a bit bare-bones since for some reason I’m feeling a little lazy. (Although I did write…

Overwrought iron

Cities on the southern U.S. seaboard feature a lot of what I call “overwrought iron” work. The image above is from Charleston, South Carolina,

Barrier Islands in January

I mentioned I’m on the road. Soon we’ll be heading down to Florida, where I guess it’s in at least the mid 70s, but for the moment we’re…