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Disrespecting Asia?

Are the San Francisco travel guide books dissing Asia? That’s what Frisco Vista says.

Ukes in the News

Apparently there was a uke performance last night on a show called Boston Legal. The uke player was “an insane male kidnapper who spoke exactly like Katherine Hepburn.”…

Inside the Lair

Wonkette alertly snagged these photos from the Official Residence of VP Dick C before the Flickr gallery was switched to “private.”

Rampaging Sea Lions

What’s making the sea lions cranky? Frisco Vista, a new site devoted to San Francisco travel (what they’re building is so new they’re still working on the foundation)…

Young and Hip

According to an article in the NYT, cities are now competing for hipness in an attempt to lure young transplants. The reasons? “Baby boomers are retiring and the…

The Indonesian Curse Is Working

I don’t know much about Ki Gendeng Pamungkas’s curse on GWB, except that it required the blood of a snake, a goat, and a crow and, according to…

Bienvenue a San Francisco

A nice welcome from our friends at Why not send them a trackback and become a connector?

Note to Self

Will Self’s writing room. A 360 degree view in 71 photos by Phil Grey

Google Calls Google Alerts Spam

I found this in one of my gmail spam folders.

What does this woman believe in?

Judith Regan must be furious about her O. J. book being retracted. After all, she once screamed in an editorial meeting “Everybody’s a pussy here but me!” Back…

Dick Cheney inks book deal with Judith Regan

If I Did It: Faking the Case for War

Death by Powerpoint

When I consider the seemingly endless hours of Powerpoint-inflicted boredom I’ve suffered through in my lifetime it’s hard to believe the software has only been around for what,…

Rightreading feeds have changed

Well, somewhat. I’m now using this blog feed ( as the main feed for the entire site, since any most new features are announced here. There’s a feedburner…


I’m not sure exactly what it proves, but a French blog is “scientifically” testing the blogosphere by tracking the spread of an unannounced post, released 16 November on…

Exploding Aardvark

At a time when niche marketing is the rage and everyone wants to capitalize their blogs by optimizing for keywords in search engine result pages, it’s nice to…

More Bad Ministration

So the Bushies appointed a guy who doesn’t believe in family planning to be head of the agency in charge of family planning. Well, what’s new, the outgoing…

Tony Blair calls Iraq a “disaster”

But not for any lack of intelligent planning. No, it was just one little unexpected thing.

Who is Eric Keroack?

I’m learning lots of new names lately. I just mastered Ted Leonsis, and now the Bush badministration is pushing Eric Keroack at us. No dharma bum, Keroack is…

Ecobungling, 19th century style

This handsome fellow is an Indian Mongoose (called manakuke in Hawaiian). Seventy-two mongooses were introduced into Hawaii in 1872 in an effort to control rats that had arrived…

Shark’s Cove

north shore, Oahu

Ukes for troops

Barbados Faces Invasion by Giant Snails

Barbados Faces Invasion by Giant Snails “We saw snails riding on each other’s backs and moving in clusters,” said David Walrond, chairman of the local emergency response office…

Carol rides the waves

at Kailua Beach

tropical blogging, beachside

A work trip brings rightreading to Waikiki this week, so posting will be light. After a short time here I observed that Waikiki is evidently Hawaiian for “place…