The Piggy Sestina
for Ellen

Ellen has a pretty piggy
who is awfully pink
and always sits upon the arm
of our mission chair
impassively watching
as we continually come and go.

And so, and so it will go
with dear El's pink piggy
always sitting, always watching
always and forever pink
there on the chair,
always there on its arm,

until Ellen takes him in her own arm
and then, then, away they go,
tipping over the chair,
Ellen and her pink piggy,
her pink piggy, her piggy pink,
and now it's me who is sitting, watching.

I love watching
El and Piggy, arm in arm,
Ellen blonde and Piggy pink,
as they go, go, go.
Go, go, Piggy, Piggy,
go far away from that old chair!

Always being on a chair
ever watchful, only watching
doesn't really suit a piggy,
not as well as Ellen's arm
Yes, that's the way to go!
Now you're in the pink!

I love to watch Mr. Piggy Pink
as I sit here in my chair
from which it seems I seldom go
but always sit impassively watching,
resting my elbow on its arm,
and emulating Piggy.

Piggy Pink, always watching
from the chair arm
You go, Piggy!

Thomas Christensen