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compass roseThis is a site map, not a list of links. It will lead you to pages within this website (except for a few that have been transfered to my sister sites, such as friscovista.com or buriedmirror.com), under the heads listed at right.

New stuff is mostly on the blog and too vuluminous to chart here.

In Memorium
Tom who?
      Brief Bio
      "Family is total poetry" — Friedrich Von Schlegel
            Carol | Claire | Ellen | Chris | Ginny | Annie | More 
                  Congratulations, Claire (distinguished UCSC scholar)
                  Congratulations, Ellen (distinguished UCBerkeley scholar)
      A Dozen Tom Christensens from around the web
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Operations Department
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Tom's Book of Days: A trip around the year
            Book of Days Home
            On the Seasons and the Calendar
            Monthly Installments:
                  January | February | March | April | May | June | July
                  August | September | October | November | December
More Fun and Games
      Grab Bag Home 
      Famous Last Words: Deathbed Wit and Wisdom
      Who's Sexier than Po Bronson: The Literary Community Weighs In
      The Best from A to L and From M to Z
      17 Reasons to Vote for Dan Quayle (even if he's not running)
      The Fish King: Tom Wins Big
      Pick That Coup!
      Herd on the Street
            Bush Vows to Stay in Iraq
The Sleep of Reason: A Garland of Quotes (minimal navigation) : Guillermo Cabrera Infante on the sleep of reason | T.H. Huxley on a little knowledge | Oscar Wilde on a little sincerity | Frank Rizzo on the streets of Philadelphia | Dwight Eisenhower on the way things are now and then | Merle Haggard on freedom | Anatole France on the equality of law | Shelley on beauty | Alicia Silverstone on the deep and the light | Ava Gardner on the deep and the shallow | Edgar Poe on recognizing profundity | Abe Lincoln on making distinctions | Gertrude Stein on names and naming
 | Laozi on mortal and immortal names | Julio Cortazar on the truth of the heart | Antonin Artaud on language and the incomprehensible | Roland Barthes on the eroticism of language | Wallace Stevens on the unreal of what is real | Gary Snyder on a fertile mind | L-F Celine on the downside of reality | Kenneth Rexroth on angels and pigs, ecstasy and disgust | Martin Luther on the evil of books | Jorge Luis Borges on imaginary titles | Pascal on brevity |
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      Maya World (incomplete list; relocating to www.buriedmirror.com)
            Maya World home 
            Maya calendar
            Gods of the Maya 
            Yaxche, The Maya Tree of Life
            Latest news from Guatemala
            Mayan languages
            New Mayan Orthography 
            The Mesoamerican context
            Maya numeric notation 
            see also Guatemala Haiku, under "poetry" below
            Travels in Central America 
                  Antigua Walls
                  Volcanos of Lake Atitlán 
      San Francisco (incomplete list; relocating to www.friscovista.com)
            Beaux Arts Architecture of Civic Center
            Bouquets to Art (de Young Museum)
            Golden Gate Park
                  Asian Art Museum
                  Conservatory of Flowers
                  Strybing Arboretum 
                  De Young Museum
                        demolition of the De Young Museum tower (32 pages of photos)
      Northern California
            Mendocino Botanical Gardens
            Pigeon Point Lighthouse
            Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
      Central California Coast
            San Simeon Indoor Pool
            Japanese Garden, Portland
            Press Check in Singapore 
            Hong Kong scenes 
            Canals of Amsterdam 
            Oostende, Belgium
      South America
            Long Ago in Equador
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Editing and Publishing
      Editing/Publishing Home 
      Tom's Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
      KHSU interview on publishing 
      How to get a book published
      Gutenberg and the Koreans
      Away with Words!
      Copyediting Shakespeare
      Mercury House
            MH Chicano and Latin American Titles
            MH Fiction Titles
            MH Staff (and Intern) List
      North Point Press
Original Writing
      Writing Home
            Chinese Jade
            Dance Macabre: The Ballets of Céline
            Dodgson's Dodges (On Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno Books)
            Getting Henry (On HH Richardson's The Getting of Wisdom)
            A Horace Reading (On Horace Walpole's Hieroglyphic Tales)
                        and, the Russian edition
            Neanderthal Surrogate Application Exam
            Polk, from The US-Mexican War 
            Quiting Quito
            Spam I Am
            Taoism and the Arts of China
            Why the U.S. Can't Win the World Cup
            The Winged Sphinx (antiwar essay)
            The Yi jing (I Ching; also listed under poetry)
                        Random reading
                        How to cast a hexagram
                        About this rendering
                        Translations of the Yi jing compared
                        All entries in numeric order
            Arlecchino Exercises
            from The Alchemist's Daughter (this page temporarily down)
            Samples, News, Links, Comment
            To Dress a Shadow by Julio Cortázar
            The Death of the Birds, by Virgilio Piñera
            Review of Eduardo Galeano's Book of Embraces
            Review of Lewis Hyde's The Trickster
            Review of books on Eva Peron
            Poetry Home 
            Guatemala Haiku
            The Piggy Sestina (children's poem)
            My Father's Letter (juvenalia)
            The Yi jing (I Ching): a new rendering (with random casts)
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Writing by Others / About Writers and Literature
      Julio Cortazar
      (see also: reviews), nonfiction)
Lists of Links
      Links Page (there is now only one links page)
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Design and Visual Arts
      The Typehead Chronicles
            Type Classification
            Horizontal Spacing
            About Faces
                  Akzidenz Grotesk | Aldus | Antique Olive
                  Avant Garde |  Avenir | Baskerville
                  Bembo | Bodoni | Bulmer
                  Caslon | Centaur | Galliard
                  Helvetica (and Ariel) | Optima | Perpetua
                  (more to come)
      Graphic Design
            on the design of Red Diaper Baby
            book design
            design for the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
      Paintings, Photos, Etc.
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      Webwork Home
            web philosophy | on links | paragraph indents
            on frames | web tools | how to do a screen capture |
            understanding hex color
      About Search Engines
      If Historical Figures Had Been Webmasters
      How Many Megapixels Is Enough?
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Tom's Garden
      Garden Home
      Germinating Station
      Potting Tables
      Keeping Cats out of the Garden
      Plant Pages
            Pieris japonica
            Trachelospermum jasminoides
            Viola 'Etain'
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      See also travel



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