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This site has gotten large. It started, more than a decade ago, as a personal page attached to my publishing company's website. As a result, it still has some resume-ish elements here and there. To help you skip that stuff and get to something more interesting, here is a list of recommended pages to visit:

1. 1616: The World in Motion
This is the project that has occupied my time for the past couple of years. The book will come out in February 2012. Meanwhile, here's a page that links to various aspects of the project.

2. Tom's Glossary of Book Publishing Terms
An inside look at the book publishing industry. And more publishing stuff.

3. Blog.rightreading.xom
This is where I post information about print and electronic publishing, and more.

4. Tom's Book of Days
In the early years I spent the most time on Tom's Book of Days.Maybe its a little different from the average "this day in history" offering.

5. Maya World
If you are interested in Mesoamerica this guide to the world of the Maya might have something for you.

4. A New Yi jing (I Ching)
Speaking of new stuff, you can
cast a hexagram here. A nice new divinatory rendering of the Chinese classic of changes. Also, if you're interested in Chinese art and culture, you might also be interested in Taoism and the Art of China or Chinese Jade. And, if you're visiting the Bay Area, I have photos of the Asian Art Museum.

6. Essays on Literary Topics
Essays on Lewis Carroll, Horace Walpole, or the trickster, for example. See my writing page for more.

7. 7Junipers
My guide to Asian art and culture.

8. Grab Bag
Some fun stuff here.
For example, famous last words, for one.

9. The Typehead Chronicles
I can't believe I almost forgot the Typehead Chronicles, that font-astic font of information on typography and design!

10. Random
There's plenty more. Use the navigation links at left, consult the sitemap, do a search. Or you might try a random page.

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