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I worked at North Point Press from 1980 through 1988. The press closed in spring 1991 (I'm not certain all the books listed here for the last two seasons came out). The name and portions of the backlist were sold to Farrar, Straus & Giroux, which had distributed the press's books in the later years. FSG seems to regard the press--wrongly, from my perspective, but perhaps this makes marketing sense for them--as a California lifestyle publisher, and they have been putting out a lot of cooking and Western regional books under the imprint, which no longer bears much resemblance to the Albany, California, publishing company that had some influence on publishing in the 1980s (unfortunately, that battle has been lost, at least for the moment). North Point always published on a two-season schedule. At some point I might put up some commentary about North Point's books and program; for now, this is a list (with a few links: I'll add more later) of the original NPP's publications, season by season (paperback editions of books previously issued in hardcover are treated, for the moment, as new publications).
           -- Tom Christensen

FALL 1980
Berry, Wendell, A Part
de Civrieux, Marc (David Guss, trans.), Watunna: An Orinoco Creation Cycle
Giono, Jean (Katherine Clarke, trans.), Joy of Man's Desiring
Johnson, Ronald, Ark
Kinnell, Galway, Black Light
Kwock, C.H. and Vincent McHugh, trans., Old Friend from Far Away:
     150 Chinese Poems from the Great Dynasties

Linney, Romulus, Jesus Tales
Schafer, Edward H., The Divine Woman
Watts, A.E., trans., The Metamorphoses of Ovid
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Berry, Wendell, Recollected Essays, 1965-1980
Cavell, Stanley, The Senses of Walden
Davenport, Guy, Eclogues
Davenport, Guy, The Geography of the Imagination
DiStasi, Lawrence, Mal Occhio
Fisher, M.F.K., A Cordiall Water
Gaines, Ernest J., Catherine Carmier
Giono, Jean (H.Fluchère and G. Myers, trans.), The Song of the World
Meltzer, David, ed., Birth
Palmer, Michael, Notes for Echo Lake
Petrarch, Francis (Nicholas Kilmer, trans.), Songs and Sonnets from Laura's Lifetime
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FALL 1981
Berry, Wendell, The Gift of Good Land
Bronk, William, Life Supports
Connell, Evan S., Mr. Bridge
Connell, Evan S., Mrs. Bridge
Merwin, W.S., and J. Moussaieff Masson, trans., The Peacock's Egg:
Nabhan, Gary Paul, The Desert Smells Like Rain:
Norman, Howard, Where the Chill Came From:
Sorrentino, Gilbert, Crystal Vision
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Connell, Evan S., Saint Augustine's Pigeon
de Selicourt, Aubrey, The World of Herodotus
Feld, Ross, Only Shorter
Giono, Jean (Jonathan Griffin, trans.), The Horseman on the Roof
Goethe, J.W. (w.H. Auden, trans.), Italian Journey
McClure, Michael, Scratching the Beat Surface
Philippi, Donald L., trans., Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans
Salter, James, Light Years
Scalapino, Leslie, considering how exaggerated music is
Smith, Page, and Charles Daniel, The Chicken Book
Stock, Noel S., The Life of Ezra Pound
Wilson, William S., Birthplace: Moving into Nearness
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FALL 1982
Aitken, Robert, Taking the Path of Zen
Berriault, Gina, The Infinite Passion of Expectation
Berry, Wendell, A Place on Earth
Berry, Wendell, The Wheel
Bronk, William, Life Supports
Fisher, M.F.K., Not Now But Now
Hazo, Samuel, The Wanton Summer air
Hoagland, Edward, Notes from the Century Before
Li He (J.D. Frosdham, trans.), Goddesses Ghosts, and Demons
Merwin, W.S., Finding the Islands
Metcalf, Paul, Waters of Potowmack
Williams, Jonathan, The Magpie's Bagpipe
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Adams, Robert M., Decadent Societies
Broch, Hermann (J.S. Untermeyer, trans.), The Death of Virgil
Buzzati, Dino (Lawrence Venuti, trans.), Restless Nights
Evanier, David, The One-Star Jew
Giono, Jean (P. Johnson, trans.), The Straw Man
Kabir (Linda Hess and S. Singh, trans.), The Bijak of Kabir
Joubert, Joseph (Paul Auster, trans.), The Notebooks of Joseph Joubert
Markham, Beryl, West with the Night
Rorem, Ned, The Paris and New York Diaries
Schultheis, Rob, The Hidden West
Sorrentino, Gilbert, Blue Pastoral
Sund, Robert, Ish River
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FALL 1983
Berry, Wendell, Standing By Words
Bronk, William Vectors and Smoothable Curves
Dixon, Stephen, Movies
Fisher, M.F.K., Among Friends
Giono, Jean (H. Fluchere and G. Mvers, trans.), Harvest
Kahn, Paul, The Secret History of the Mongols
Mallarmé, Stephane (Paul Auster, trans.), A Tomb for Anatole
Meltzer, David, ed. Death
Montaigne, Michel de (Donald Frame, trans.), Travel Journal
Raffel, Burton, trans., The Essential Horace
Rorem, Ned, The Later Diaries
Snyder, Gary, Axe Handles
Tanikawa, Shuntaro (H. Wright, tr.), The Selected Poems
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Apollinaire, Guillaume (Ron Padgett, trans.), The Poet Assassinated
Bankei, Yotaku (Norman Waddell, trans.), The Unborn: The Life And Teachings of Bankei
Berriault, Gina, The Lights of Earth
Boyle, Kay, and Robert McAlmon, Being Geniuses Together
Brondoli, Michael, Showdown and Other Storie.@
Cavell, Stanley, Themes out of School
Chamfort (W.S. Merwin, trans.), Products of the Perfected Civilization
Connell, Evan S., Notes from a Bottle Found on the Beach at Carmel
Frame, Donald M., Montaigne: A Biography
Friedman, Sanford, Totempole
Goethe, J.W., Conversations with Eckermann
Hammett, Dashiell, The Maltese Falcon
Lu Yu (David Gordon, trans.), The Wild Old Man
Smith, Page, Dissenting Opinions
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FALL 1984
Aitken, Robert, The Mind of Clover: Essays in Zen Buddhist Ethics
Buzzati, Dino, (Lawrence Venuti, trans.), The Siren
Connell Evan S., Son of the Morning Star
Davenport, Guy, Apples and Pears
Fox, Paula, A Servant's Tale
Hall, Donald, Fathers Playing Catch with Sons
Hopkins, John, The Flight of the Pelican
Jackson, Wes, et al., eds., Meeting the Expectations of the Land
Leiris, Michel (Richard Howard, trans.), Manhood
Palmer, Michael, First Figure
Pellegrini, Angelo, The Unprejudiced Palate
Rilke, Rainer Maria (Edward Snow, trans.), New Poems (1907)
Sorrentino , Gilbert, Something Said
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Berry, Wendell, The Collected Poems, 1957-1982
Berry, Wendell, Nathan Coulter
Boyle, Kay, Words That Must Somehow Be Said
Brazeau, Peter, Parts of a World: Wallace Stevens Remembered
Bronk, William, Vectors and Smoothable Curves
Crevel, Rene (Kay Boyle, trans.), Babylon
Dixon, Stephen, Fall and Rise
Dogen (Kazuaki Tanahashi, trans.), Moon in a Dewdrop
Grabhorn, Robert, ed., A Commonplace Book of Cookery
Guss, David, ed., The Language of the Birds
Heynen, Jim, You Know What Is Right
Hoagland, Edward, The Courage of Turtles
Price, Reynolds, A Palpable God
Ross, Nancy Wilson, Westward the Women
Toklas, Alice B., What Is Remembered)
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FALL 1985
Berriault, Gina, The Son and Conference of Victims
Brand, Stewart and Art Kleiner, News That Stayed News: Ten Years of Coevolution Quarterly
Broch, Hermann, (E. and W. Muir, trans.), The Sleepwalkers
Carpenter, Don, The Class of '49
Connell, Evan S., Points for a Compass Rose
Cortázar, Julio (Thomas Christensen, trans.), Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
Fisher, M.F.K., Here Let Us Feast
Gunn, Thom, The Occasions of Poetry
Hoagland, Edward, Walking The Dead Diamond Piver
Lamott, Anne, Joe Jones
Niedecker, Lorine, The Granite Pail
Salter, James, A Sport and a Pastime
Scalapino, Leslie, that they were at the beach
Sorrentino, Gilbert, Odd Number
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Berriault, Gina, The Descent
Berry, Wendell, The Wild Birds
Carpenter, Don, The Dispossessed
Celan, Paul (K. Washburn and M. Guillemin. trans.), Last Poems
Cummins, James, The Whole Truth
Davenport, Guy, Thasos and Ohio
Dunlop, Lane, ed., A Late Crysanthemum
Edelson, Julie, No News Is Good
Ekelund, Vilheim (L. Bruce, trans.), The Second Light
Liebling, A.J., Between Meals: An Appetite for Paris
Mandelstam, Osip (C. Brown, trans.), The Noise of Time
Maso, Carole, Ghost Dance
Pellegrini, Angelo, American Dream: An Immigrant's Quest
Sorrentino, Gilbert, The Sky Changes
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FALL 1986
Berry, Wendell, The Collected Poems, 1957-1982
Brillat-Savarin, Jean Anthelme (M.F.K Fisher, trans.), The Physiology of Taste
Crevel, René (David Rattray, trans.), Difficult Death
Davenport, Guy, Every Force Evolves a Form
Denning, Candace Adventures with Julia
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, The Hound of the Baskervilles
Ford, Hugh, Four Lives in Paris
Fox, Paula, The Widow's Children
Kotlowitz, Robert, Sea Changes
Li Ang (H. Goldblatt and E. Yeung, trans.), The Butcher's Wife
Merrill, James, Recitative
Pagnol, Marcel (R. Barrise, trans.), My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle
Reid, Alastair, Whereabouts: Notes on Being a Foreigner
Shiga Naoya (Lane Dunlop, trans.), The Paper Door and Other Stories
Snyder, Gary, Left Out in the Rain
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Berry, Wendell, Home Economics
Bronk, William, Manifest; And Furthermore
Connell, Evan S., The Connoisseur
Hall, Donald, The Ideal Bakery
Halpern, Daniel, ed., On Nature
Hammett, Dashiell, The Maltese Falcon
Jackson, Wes, Altars of Unhewn Stone: science and Earth
Kawabata, Yasunari (J.M. Holman, trans.), The Old Capital
Lamott, Anne, Hard Laughter
Macmillan, Ian, Proud Monster 141(1/
Mitchell, Stephen, trans., The Book of Job
Rilke, Rainer Maria (E. Snow, trans.), New Poems: The Other Part (1908)
Root, Waverley, The Paris Edition, 1927-1934
Rorem, Ned, The Nantvcket Diary
Simeti, Mary Taylor, On Persephone's Island: A Sicillian Journal
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FALL 1987
Berry, Wendell, Sabbaths
Broch, Hermann (R. Manheim, trans.), The Guiltless
Carpenter, Don, A Couple of Comedians
Davenport, Guy, The Jules Verne Steam Balloon
Hamburger, Philip, Curious World
Illich, Ivan and Barry Sanders, ABC: The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind
Linney, Romulus, Jesus Tales
Markham, Beryl, The Splendid Outcast
Markham, Beryl, West with the Night: Gift Edition
Nabhan, Gary Paul, The Desert Smells Like Rain
Nanao Sakaki, Break the Mirror
Salter, James, Dusk and Other Stories
Senzaki, Nyogen and Ruth Strout McCandless, Buddhism and Zen
Staffel, Megan, She Wanted Something Else
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Connell, Evan S. The Diary of a Rapist
Denning, Candace, The Women in Her Dreams
Fisher, M.F.K., Dubious Honors
Halpern, Daniel and Julie Strand, The Good Food
Hareven, Shulamith (Hillel Halkin, trans.), The Miracle Hater
Juarroz, Roberto (W.S. Merwin, trans.), Vertical Poetry
Kawabata, Yasunari (Lane Dunlop and J. Martin Holman, trans.), Palm-of the-Hand Stories
Pagnol, Marcel (W. E. Van Heyningen, trans.), Jean de Florette and Manon of the Springs
Salter, James, Solo Faces
Scalapino, Leslie, way
Shigematsu, Soiku, trans., A Zen Harvest
Stein, Gertrude, The World Is Round
Taylor, Paul, Private Domain
Valenzuela, Luisa (H. Carpentier et al., trans.), Open Door
Weschler, Lawrence, Shapinsky's Karma, Boggs's Bills: And Other True-Life Tales
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FALL 1988
Berry, Wendell, Remembering
Boyle, Kay, Words That Must Somehow Be Said
Brooks, Jeffree Sapp, The Art of Accompaniment: Makng Condiments
Carpenter, Don, From a Distant Place
Connell, Evan S., A Long Desire
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, The Hound of the Baskrvilles
Fisher, M.F.K., Consider the Oyster
Fisher, M.F.K., How to Cook a Wolf
Goytisolo, Juan (P. Bush, trans.), Forbidden Territory: Memoirs, 1931-1956
Halpern, Daniel, ed., Writers on Artists
Kenner, Hugh, Mazes
Nabhan, Gary Paul, Enduring Seeds
Palmer, Michael, Sun
Perl, Jed, Paris Without End
Solomon, Barbara Probst, Horse-Trading and Ecstasy
Thompson, Sylvia, Feasts and Friends: Recipes from a Lifetime
Trakl, Georg (Robert Firmage, trans.), Song of the West: Selected Poms
Vandenburgh, Jane, Failure to Zigzag
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Berry, Wendell, The Hidden Wound
Broch, Hermann (H. F. Broch de Rotherman, trans.), The Spell
Canzoneri, Robert, Potboiler: An Amatuer's Affair with La Cuisine
Cleary, Thomas, trans., The Book of Ballnce and Harmony
Connell, E van S., The White Lantern
Feld, Ross, Shapes Mistaken
Fisher, M.F.K., Serve It Forth
Grennan, Eamon, What Light There Is and 0ther Poems
Kenji, Miyazawa (H. Sato, trans.), A Future of Ice
Kennedy, Diana, Nothing Fancy: Recipes and Recollections of Soul-Satisfying Food
Lamott, Anne, Rosie
Leiris, Michel (Lydia Davis, trans.), Brisées: Broken Branches
McClure, Michael, Scratching the Beat Surface
Manley, Frank, Within the Ribbons
Pagis, Dan (S. Mitchell, trans.), Variable Directions
Pritchett, V.S. At Home and Abroad
Romer, Elizabeth, The Tuscan Year
Root, Waverley, The Paris Edition, 1927-1934
Salter, James, Dusk and 0ther Stories
Soseki, Muso (W.S. Merwin and S. Shigematsu, trans.), Sun at Midnight
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FALL 1989
Bassui Zenji (A. Braverman, trans.), Mud and Wawater-A Collection of Talks
Berry, Wendell, The Wild Birds
Berry, Wendell, Traveling at Home
Bodhidharma (Red Pine, trans.), The Zen Teachings of Bodhidharma
Bronk, William, Death Is the Place
Chandler, Raymond, The Big Sleep
Cortázar, Julio (Thomas Christensen, trans.), Around the Day in Eighty Worlds
Dunlop, Lane, ed., A Late Crysanthemum
Fisher, M.F.K., An Alphabet for Gourmets
Fisher, M.F.K., The Gastronomical Me
Garcia Sanchez, Javier (M. B. Ruster and m. Villa, trans.), Lady of the South Wind
Gerstler, Amy, Bitter Angel
Kawabata, Yasunari (J. M. Holman, trans.), The Old Capital
Kline, David, Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer's Journal
Lamott, Anne, All New People
Liebling, A.J., The Honest Rainmaker
Loftus, Simon, A Pike in the Basement
Michaels, Leonard, David Reid, and Raquel Scherr, eds., West of the West: Imagining California
Nelson, Richard, The Island Within
Rilke, Rainer Maria (E. Snow, trans.), New Poems (1907)
Rilke, Rainer Maria (E. Snow, trans.), New Poems: The 0ther part (1908)
Schor, Sandra, The Great Letter E
Tworkov, Helen, Zen in America
Turner, Frederick, Of Chiles, Cacti, and Fighting Cocks: Notes on the American West
Watson, Burton, trans., Kanshi: The Poetry of Ishikawa Jozan and Other Edo-Period Poets
Zeidner, Lisa, Limited Partnerships
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Berry, Wendell, What Are People For?
Cleary, Thomas, trans., Transmission of Light: Zen in the Art of Enlightenment
Davenport, Guy, Every Force Evolves a Form
Davidson, Alan, A Kipper with My Tea: Selected Food Essays
Di Giovanni, Norman Thomas, ed., Celeste Goes Dancing and Other Stories: An Argentine Collection
Fisher, M.F.K, Dubious Honors
Fox, Paula, The God of Nightmares
Goytisolo, Juan (P. Bush, trans.), Realms of Strife: Memoirs, 1957-1982
Gray, Patience, Honey from a Weed
Hamburger, Philip, Curious World
Hareven, Shulamith (Hillel Halkin, trans.), Prophet
Kawabata, Yasunari(Lane Dunlop and J. Martin Holman, trans.), Palm-of the-Hand Stories
Kenner, Hugh, Historical Fictions
Liebling, A.J., Back Where I Came From
Maso, Carole, The Art Lover
Schott, Max, Ben
Shiga Naoya (Lane Dunlop, trans.), The Paper Door and 0ther Stories
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FALL 1990
Aitken, Robert, The Gateless Barrier
Berry, Wendell, Remembering
Celan, Paul, Last Poems
Clark, Robert, Our Sustainable Table
Connell, Evan S., Mr. Bridge(movie tie-in edition)
Connell Evan S., Mrs. Bridge (movie tie-in edition)
Cox, Elizabeth, The Ragged Way People Fall out of Love
Davenport, Guy, The Drummer of the Eleventh North Devonshire Fusiliers
De Civrieux, Marc, Watunna
Dostoevsky, Fyodor, The Brothers Karamazov
Finkel, Donald, A Plintered Mirror
Halpern, Daniel, Writers on Artists
Jordan, William, Divorce among the Gulls
Kriegel, Leonard, Falling into Life
Liebling, A.J., A Neutral Corner
Liebling, A.J., The Telephone Booth Indian
Lopez, Barry, Crow and Weasel
Mcgee Harold, The Curious Cook
Snyder, Gary, Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems
Snyder, Gary, The Practice of the Wild
Tanizaki, Junichiro, Naomi
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Abe, Kobo, The Box Man
Berry, Wendell, The Unforeseen Wilderness
Bronk, William, Living Instead
Connell, Evan S., The Alchymist's Journal
Fisher, M F.K., The Boss Dog
Ford, Hugh, Four Lives in Paris
Hongzhi, Cultivating the Empty Field
Kline, David, Great Possessions
Nabhan, Gary Paul, Enduring Seeds
Reid, Robert., Mountains of the Great Blue Dream
Rilke, Rainer Maria, The Book of Images
Scalapino, Leslie, the return of painting, the pearl, and orion
Tanizaki, Junichiro, The Secret History of the Lord of Musashi and Arrowroot
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