How to Get a Book Published
      In 10 not-so-easy steps

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9. Submit

If the publisher or agent responds favorably to your query, send the manuscript with a brief cover letter. Explain why you think the publisher or agent is right for the manuscript.

Your target publisher or agent might request a synopsis and sample chapters. I hate synopses, and as an editor I never felt they could tell me anything. But, if you feel that this is your most promising avenue, then you will need to comply. In this case you should try to avoid exclusion factors by keeping the synopsis as brief as possible in order to get to the next step.

When you do submit your manuscript, make it easy to read. Double space. Don't justify your paragraphs. But there's no need to obsess about formatting.

Number the pages. I once dropped a manuscript. Its pages were unnumbered. You can imagine how successful that submission was.

I recommend against an SASE. Just have the agent or publisher recycle the pages instead of returning them. This is easier for everyone and postage costs as much as a photocopy does.

Don't include your photo. Do include your address.

Be natural. Don't follow rules. Be honest. Be real.

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1. Read
2. Examine your values
3. Learn about publishing
4. Research
5. Write
6. Rewrite
7. More research
8. Query
9. Submit
10. Persevere

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