How to Get a Book Published
      In 10 not-so-easy steps

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3. Learn something about how publishing works

You can find out something about it here. But you need to go a lot farther.

If your situation permits, intern or do some volunteer reading for a publishing company. Meet and chat up people in the industry. Consider a job in publishing. Bookstore experience is valuable. The more you know about how the system works the better chance you have of succeeding in it.

But beware: publishing has a way of turning idealists into cynics remarkably quickly, and this is sad to watch. Interns may not know as much about the industry as long-time insiders but they usually have healthier attitudes to books, and they're more fun to hang out with. That's because industry insiders get so corrupted by the system that they don't realize how much it has changed them.

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Navigation — the 10-step plan:

1. Read
2. Examine your values
3. Learn about publishing
4. Research
5. Write
6. Rewrite
7. More research
8. Query
9. Submit
10. Persevere

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