How to Get a Book Published
      In 10 not-so-easy steps

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2. Examine your values.

You won't hear this mentioned much, but it's important. Why are you writing? (If you answer "I don't have any choice, I've written since I was little. I'm just driven to write" then you should examine not only your values but your weakness for cliche.)

Are you trying to write a popular book? Are you trying to write a book that you can be proud of? Are you competing with a friend? Do you crave attention? Do you want to improve the world? Would you be satisfied with a small but informed audience? What do you want, fame? money? respect? What do you really believe in?

And what kind of books do you really enjoy reading? If you're an avid reader of mysteries but you're trying to write an art novel, consider whether that disconnect is meaningful.

Unless you are honest with yourself about what you're trying to do, your work will come across as false, a little off — a good reader can pick up on this pretty easily (and some editors are good readers).

I think it's best to write honestly, even if you don't like what it reveals about yourself.

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Navigation — the 10-step plan:

1. Read
2. Examine your values
3. Learn about publishing
4. Research
5. Write
6. Rewrite
7. More research
8. Query
9. Submit
10. Persevere

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