How to Get a Book Published
      In 10 not-so-easy steps

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1. Read

You're not going to be a good writer without doing some serious reading (by which I don't necessarily mean reading serious books).

What should you read? Of course you should read contemporary writing, especially in areas relevant to your aspirations. But to read only contemporary writing risks making your work thin and ephemeral. You should also read the classics, works from other cultures and times. Include some poetry. Read some work in foreign languages — how can you understand English if you have nothing to compare it to?

Read widely. Read a lot. If you're writing fiction read some nonfiction. If you're writing nonfiction read some fiction.

Read ink on paper, not just electrons.

Oh, and by the way: reread. Rereading is the key to understanding how books work.

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Navigation — the 10-step plan:

1. Read
2. Examine your values
3. Learn about publishing
4. Research
5. Write
6. Rewrite
7. More research
8. Query
9. Submit
10. Persevere

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