Backlist: Selected Fiction  





    Alexander, Meena, Manhattan Music
    Alexander, Meena, Nampally Road
    Brodkey, Harold, Profane Friendship
    Clarke, Terence, My Father in the Night
    Clarke, Terence, The Day Nothing Happened
    Clarke, Terence, The King of Rumah Nadai
    Emshwiller, Carol, Carmen Dog
    Eunson, Dale, Philip's Chair
    Fuller, Jamie, The Diary of Emily Dickinson
    Gabriel Lehman, Eric, Quaspeck
    Gabriel, Eric, Waterboys
    Gammon, Catherine, Isabel out of the Rain
    Emshwiller, Carol, Leaping Man Hill
    Emshwiller, Carol, Ledoyt
    Emshwiller, Carol, The Start of the End of It All
    Kornbluth, Josh, Red Diaper Baby
    Lipsett, Suzanne, Remember Me
    Major, Clarence, Dirty Bird Blues
    Major, Clarence, Reflex and Bone Structure
    Major, Clarence, Such Was the Season
    Michaels, Leonard, Sylvia
    Michaels, Leonard, The Men's Club
    Moore, Alison, Small Spaces Between Emergencies
    Moore, Alison, Synonym for Love
    Obenzinger, Hilton, Cannibal Eliot and the Lost Histories of San Francisco
    Painter, Charlotte, Conjuring Tibet
    Romero, Danny, Calle 10
    Willis, Meredith Sue, In the Mountains of America


    Carpentier, Alejo, The Harp and the Shadow,, translated by Thomas and Carol Christensen
    Chedid, Andrée, The Multiple Child, translated by Judith Radke
    Gardea, Jesús, Stripping Away the Sorrows from the World
    Hareven, Shulamith, City of Many Days, translated by Hillel Halkin
    Hareven, Shulamith, Thirst: The Desert Trilogy, translated by Hillel Halkin with the author
    Hareven, Shulamith, Twilight and Other Stories, translated by Miriam Arad and Others
    Hwang Sun-Won, Shadows of a Sound, edited and translated by J. Martin Holman
    Kourouma, Ahmadou, Monnew, translated by Nidra Poller
    Michon, Pierre, Servants and Masters, translated by Wyatt Alexander Mason
    Sarduy, Severo, Christ on the Rue Jacob, translated by Suzanne Jill Levine and Carol Maier
    Siciliano, Enzo, Diamante, translated by Patrick Diehl


    Carroll, Lewis, The Complete Sylvie and Bruno, illustrated by Renée Flower, introduction by Thomas Christensen
    Richardson, Henry, The Getting of Wisdom, introduction by Thomas Christensen
    Sand, George, Horace, translated by Zack Rogow
    Stevenson, Robert Louis, The Silverado Squatters, illustrations by Thomas Christensen
    Tarchetti, I. U., Fantastic Tales, translated by Lawrence Venuti, illustrated by Jim Pearson
    Tarchetti, I. U., Passion: A Novel, translated by Lawrence Venuti
    Walpole, Horace, Hieroglyphic Tales, illustrated by Jill McElmurry, introduction by Thomas Christensen




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