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Bush Vows to Stay in Iraq

Washington, 3/18/06. Three years after the war in Iraq began, United States president George W Bush says going to war was "the right decision" and vowed to overcome bloody violence that has killed 2,300 US soldiers.
    In his weekly radio address in the US, coinciding with the third anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, Bush said: "We will finish the mission. By defeating the terrorists in Iraq, we will bring greater security to our own country."

And now, the response from ordinary Americans:


Sherri Mauri, Medical Student
He'll probably land in the middle of the night, take a quick nap in the Green Zone, and fly back out, just so he can boast that he "stayed in Iraq."


Fletcher E. Schwartz, Scrapbooking Consultant
Really? Bush has vowed to stay in Iraq? Woohoo! ... Wait, does that mean Cheney will be president? Or will Bush govern from over there? Is that legal? ... I suppose it would work just as well as what we have now ... or better ... I don't know ...


Lillias McKuen, Auto Mechanic
Why can't news writers get their tenses consistent? Is the first paragraph in the present tense or the past tense? This only adds to an already tense situation.


Haurvatat Goehring, Bookie
The traditional theme for third anniversaries is leather. I'm thinking a braided leather choker would be the perfect thing to express our commitment.


Odetta Rogers, Occupational Therapist
He's already finished off most of the mosques. Now he's going to finish the missions too? Why? Does he hate freedom? ... Well, I guess that would explain the wiretapping ...


Sander Caudell, Forensic Linguist
If the war was "the right decision" maybe it's time for "the left decision."

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