Christensen Ancestors

Tenth Generation

548. Niels Rasmussen Ørting was born in 1686 in Ørting, Hads Herred, Aarhus. He died MAJ 1756 in Ørting, Hads Herred, Aarhus and was buried in 1756 in Odder, Hads Herred, Aarhus. Niels married Karen Andersen on 7 Jan 1714 in Odder, Hads Herred, Aarhus. See Probate 1, 21 Jun 1756, Rodstenseje Gods, Hads Herred, Aarhus.

549. Karen Andersen was born on 11 Apr 1696 in Schellerup, Linaa, Gjern Herred, Skanderborg. She died in Oct 1779. [Parents]


556. Rasmus Jensen was born about 1699 in Maarslet, Aarhus, Denmark. He died after 1725.


558. Peiter Erdmand was born in 1693 in Naesby, Praesto, Denmark. He married Kirstine Erdmand in Naesby, Praesto, Denmark. [Parents]

559. Kirstine Erdmand was born in 1692 in Naesby, Praesto, Denmark.


566. Jens Jensen married Else Rasmusdatter.

567. Else Rasmusdatter was born in 1690 in Mårslet, Ning Herred, Aarhus. She died in 1731 in Hørret, Mårslet, Ning Herred, Aarhus and was buried in 1731 in Mårslet, Ning Herred, Aarhus. [Parents]


704. Richard L. Cantrell was born on 13 May 1666 in Bakewell Parish, Derbyshire, England. He died on 31 May 1753 in Philadelphia, PA. Richard married Dorothy Jones in 1693 in Philadelphia, PA. Richard was a brickmason and the operator of a brick factory. He is said to have built the first brick house in Philadelphia, which belonged to Robert Turner and was located at the corner of First and Mulberry (Arch) Streets. [Parents]

705. Dorothy Jones was born in 1672 in Flint, Wales. She died in 1727 in Pennsylvania. Dorothy was of a Quaker family, but she was a free spirit who married Richard "Out of Meeting" (outside the church of the Friends). Dorothy was brought before the 1703 Delaware Court and charged with "propagating ye Throne of wickedness":

"Dorothy", wife of Richard Canterill, presented for masking in men's clothes the day after Christmas, "walking and dancing in the house of John Simes at 9 or 10 o'clock at night.'" John Simes, who gave the masquerade party, was presented for keeping a disorderly house, "a nursery of Debotch ye inhabitants and youth of this city... to ye greef of and disturbance of peaceful minds and propagating ye Throne of wickedness amongst us."
[Parents] [Child]

706. John Heath was born 14 Mar 1674 or Mar 29 1676/7 in Haverhill, Essex, Ma. He died in 1713 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut. John married Hannah Haynes or Hains on 16 Dec 1697 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. [Parents]

707. Hannah Haynes or Hains was born on 19 Jul 1677 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts. She died on 19 Apr 1693 in Norwich, New London, Connecticut. [Parents]


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