completed crosswordThings I have learned from doing the NYT crossword:

  • The most famous of all musicians is Brian ENO.
  • Anything mixed up is an OLEO. Not to be confused with AIOLI, foremost among condiments, or OREO, the most popular snack ever.
  • All Asian holidays are TET.
  • Scandinavian queens like to name their sons OLAV.
  • A poem is probably an ODE.
  • If you’re on the water you must be ASEA, and very likely ALEE.
  • To get someone’s attention, say PSST.
  • Taps nearly always produce ALE. But MEAD is a more popular drink than anyone knew (other than crossword constructors). It is nearly always poured from a EWER.
  • History is the study of ERAS. Perhaps the most important is that of Pope LEOIV.
  • If you only know one muse, make her ERATO.
  • Native Americans are often ERIE, which is also by far the greatest of the Great Lakes.
  • The most significant architectural features are the APSE and the NAVE.
  • Of all of the stories in the bible, the most compelling are those of ENOS and ESAU.
  • Don’t forget your SSN.
  • When climbing, keep an eye out for ARETES.
  • Shakespeare never produced a greater line than “ET TU, Brute.”
  • Pinyin has still not been accepted for romanizing Chinese in Crosswordese. Never write Laozi, always Lao TSE.
  • A great jazz singer is ELLA. Hey, they got one right!

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