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Young and Hip

young folk

According to an article in the NYT, cities are now competing for hipness in an attempt to lure young transplants. The reasons? “Baby boomers are retiring and the number of young adults is declining. By 2012, the work force will be losing more than two workers for every one it gains.”

According to William H. Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, “These are rare and desirable people.” It seems that once people turn thirty-five, they are much less likely to relocate.

According to a study based on census figures, cities winning the hipness battle are Atlanta, San Francisco, Denver, Portland, and Austin. Ranking among the squares: Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles.

Does that sound right?

Bienvenue a San Francisco

A nice welcome from our friends at blogospherus.net.

Why not send them a trackback and become a connector?

bienvenue de blogospherus


I’m not sure exactly what it proves, but a French blog is “scientifically” testing the blogosphere by tracking the spread of an unannounced post, released 16 November on Thierry Crouzet’s blog about “le peuple des connecteurs.”

La blogosphère est-elle un mythe?
Quelle puissance virale est la sienne ?

Existe-t-elle ailleurs que dans l’imaginaire de quelques papes des blogs ?

La blogosphère a-t-elle pour seule demeure Technorati ?

Blogospherus est créé pour tester la réactivité de la blogosphère, comme une expérience scientifique.

Combien de temps faudra-t-il pour fédérer les blogs de la blogosphère ?

It appears rightreading is the first English-language blog to pick this up. (I got it through Chroniques patagones, quoted in the extract above.) Will it (or should it) spread anywhere from here?

I guess this is the equivalent of casting a message in a bottle into the sea and seeing if anyone responds. Does it have any meaning beyond that? Stay tuned, or get more information, at blogospherus.net (in French).

Exploding Aardvark

lisa boucher

At a time when niche marketing is the rage and everyone wants to capitalize their blogs by optimizing for keywords in search engine result pages, it’s nice to run across an entertaining and informed generalist blog with an offbeat sense of humor and a judicious mix of posts ranging across politics, music, language, and other topics.

No, not this one. I’m referring to Exploding Aardvark, in which Lisa Boucher artfully mixes the most unusual ingredients into a uniquely tasty dish.

An editor (but not one of the dull ones), she could probably fix up my long-winded opening sentence.

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