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Santorum will win in a landslide!

Sorry, just trying not to jinx the election. You know how actors say “break a leg”?

Plus, the marketing team up on the ninth floor of the rightreading.com megaplex tells me we aren’t attracting a big enough percentage of the fascist web community. So maybe this headline will reel a few in.

It’s official

There’s no internet censorship in China. A Chinese official, at a United Nations internet summit in Athens, explained:

I don’t think we should be using different standards to judge China. In China, we don’t have software blocking Internet sites. Sometimes we have trouble accessing them. But that’s a different problem. I know that some colleagues listen to the BBC in their offices from the Webcast. And I’ve heard people say that the BBC is not available in China or that it’s blocked. I’m sure I don’t know why people say this kind of thing. We do not have restrictions at all.

So this is, I guess, a mirage. And that study by researchers at Harvard Law School that found 19,032 Web sites that were inaccessible inside China? All caused, apparently, by temporary server failures.

Make no mistake, Jeb Bush was not in the closet!

Jeb Bush was in Pennsylvania to help raise funds for Rich Santorum. That’s mind-boggling and kind of creepy right there, but it’s not the item.

The item is that when the pair were in Pittsburg they were chased into a subway station by some citizens who, for unknown reasons, took offense at such Republican schemes as their ongoing effort to transfer all the wealth of the nation to the Bushies’ rich oil buddies.

Not anxious to confront the angry protesters, Bush sought “refuge in a subway station supply closet,” according to news reports.

For some reason (go figure), the Republicans are sensitive right now about allegations of being in the closet, so Bush’s main concern was this aspect of the story — he insists he was never in any kind of closet. No, it was a “boiler room.”

Gosh, that sounds manly!

Bush responds to the news of 655,000 deaths in Iraq.

“I’m amazed that this is a society which so wants to be free that they’re willing to — you know, that there’s a level of violence that they tolerate.”

Rose Garden address, 11 October 2006

Should teenagers and others express themselves through blogs?

That’s the question the Restored Church of God is asking.

The answer: “No one—including adults—should have a blog or personal website (unless it is for legitimate business purposes).” You see, “blogs are something youth should not be doing in any way.” Why not? Because “Jesus Christ and His Church have standards. Those who desire fewer standards should go to the splinters or to the world.”

So no excuses — now you know. Take down that myspace site this minute!

If you don’t believe me, you can visit their … well, their website.

It’s hard! It’s hard! It’s hard work!

“One of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.”

— George W. Bush, 6 September 2006

(video here)

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