getty moodstream

Getty Images has come up with an odd, inventive, and intriguing take on the streaming music service (pandora, last fm, etc.). Getty’s Moodstream combines audio with shifting still and video images. The user dials up a “mood” by adjusting sliders for such qualities as “happy” vs. “sad,” “calm” vs. “lively,” and so on. (Or you can choose from presets.)

Moodstream is intended as a promotional tool. Getty hopes that creative people will use it as a brainstorming tool and end up licensing some of the images. Certainly Getty is rich in excellent stock images. Unfortunately, the music is the weak link, and I suspect after the site’s novelty has faded the comparatively insipid music will not be good enough to attract a sizable audience.

Still, it’s an interesting concept, and one worth checking out.