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Month: December 2006

Is SEO the new protection racket?

It’s beginning to seem that way. As soon as anyone says anyone negative about search engine optimizing, the SEO community (or, to be fair, one faction of it) jumps all over that person and tries to inflict punishment by driving down the offender’s pages in the SERPs.

First there was the unfortunate Kimberly Williams — a case more of scraping than SEO per se, but the response came from the SEOs when she tried to prevent her content from being scraped. Next came Ted Leonsis, whose mild comments about being his own SEO made him the object of an SEO contest with a $500 cash prize. Now Jason Calacanis is the latest to have offended the SEOs.

I find search engine optimization interesting. I subscribe to a number of SEO feeds, and several of the people in the industry are clever and creative. But some are starting to seem like bullies.

I think I might be rooting for Ted Leonsis to win the Ted Leonsis SEO contest.


Link: Wikipedia on protection rackets

Experts Weigh In

In an otherwise rather dry article by Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief, in today’s San Francisco Chronicle (the topic is the administration’s Iraq “policy”), one encounters this astonishing sentence, delivered apparently without a hint of irony:

“Yet, some experts say it would be foolhardy to assume, just because Bush said it, that the statement is true.”

Well, damn! Who would have guessed? Thank heavens for the experts! Without the experts I would probably just have gone on assuming it was all gospel. But now my eyes have been opened.

So, thank you, experts.

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