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Complicating the project were several appendices, all of which required numerous illustrations. Below, facing the final page of the catalogue section, is the opening of a section showing the artists' signatures. I had to do a lot of Photoshop work to make sure the signatures would be visible at small size. The signatures are numbered, and after the number is an em space and then the artist's name. The names are caps and small caps; all small caps would probably have been more consistent with the rest of the design. This section is arranged in three columns. The image size varies according to the nature of the image (I was trying to make sure the signatures would be visible, and some are easier to see than others) but the text retains the memory of the baseline. All of the columns return to the grid to bottom align.

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An appendix on making a bamboo basket combines single-column and three-column elements.

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A section on plaiting (essentially weaving) techniques is set in two columns. Except for the last page (on the right in the second spread below), which is just two columns, these pages are divided into equal quadrants.

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For a discussion of types of bamboo, the text is set full wide measure to the right of illustrations. These pages are divided into thirds.

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