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I guess I'll leave this page in the unlikely event anyone needs it, or as a little artefact of ancient history. Back in the day you had to tell people what rss was. These days, not so much. Just click on the xml icon at right.


Right Reading Feed

As of December 31 , 2006, I've changed the way my feeds work somewhat. I'm discontinuing, or at least suspending, my Book of Days feed. Please subscribe instead to the blog feed: When new features are added to the website they are usually announced there. There's a feedburner link at right.


(For the really dedicated there are also my my flickr photo feed — http://flickr.com/services/feeds/photos_public.gne?id=32586007@N00&format=rss_200 — and my Google Reader feed — http://www.google.com/reader/public/atom/user/01081189685991448104/state/com.google/broadcast)

What is an RSS feed?

There are a few different strains of RSS, each with its advocates and each offering a different explanation of the acronym; most common are "rich site summary" or "really simple syndication." Basically RSS refers to syndicated or transmitted web content. It's mainly used by news services and bloggers. In essence, rather than browsing the web to go to the information you want, you arrange to have the information streamed directly to you. The information is delivered as an XML file called an RSS feed

Following are insntructions for anyone who is new to this.

How do I access your feed?

There are several ways.

a. The easiest method is to click on one of the links to the right, which will add the Right Reading feed automatically at the on-line RSS service of your choice (you may need to register; I believe this to be harmless at these sites):

b. While you're on Google's personalized home page, you can click on either "personalize your home page" or "add content," depending on whether you are signed in or not. (If you're not signed in the page will revert to the default on your next visit, so it's best to sign in.). Then click on "Create a Section" and paste the URL of the feed into the search box:

c. If you have a gmail account go to "settings -> web clips" and again paste in the above feed url.

d. Search the web and get an RSS plug-in for your browser.

e. Get a RSS reader, also known as a news aggregator, which is a piece of software tailored to receive these types of feeds. Search for "RSS reader" in Google or another search engine.

Questions? Send me an e-mail.




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