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I am making some images from the book available here. Click the thumbnail to access a high-resolution jpeg image. Download the hi-res image by right-clicking (PC) or ctrl-clicking on it (Mac), and return to this page with your browser's "back" button.

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1616: The World in Motion cover Cover of 1616: The World in Motion, by Thomas Christensen. Counterpoint Press, March 2012, cloth, 384 pages, 7.25 x 10 in., 140 illustrations, most in color. Maps, bibliopgraphy, index. $35.00. For more information visit www.rightreading.com/1616/.
quirinale fresco Foreign Ambassadors, 1616–1617, by Giovanni Lanfranco and workshop. Fresco. Sala dei Corazzieri, Quirinale Palace, Rome.

Frescos in the pope's summer palace depict ambassadors from West Asia, Africa, Japan, and elsewhere.

1616 - spilbergen acapulco

(Acapulco), 1619, by Nicolaes van Geelkercken, engraving, from East and West Indian Mirror, which combines accounts of the navigations of Joris van Spilbergen and Jacob le Maire.

Wealth of Asia passed through the port of Acapulco after crossing the Pacific.

indian miner at potosi

Indian Miners at Potosí, 1590, by Theodor de Bry (detail). Engraving from José de Acosta, Historia natural y moral de las Indias.

De Bry's engraving called attention to the plight of native laborers in the American silver mines.
catalina de erauso Catalina de Erauso, 1630, by Francisco Pacheco. Oil on canvas.

The Basque "lieutenant nun" passed as a man during military service in the Americas.
rowes shakespeare Illustration for The Tempest from Rowe’s Shakespeare, 1709.

The hurricane that shipwrecked the vessel carrying Pocahontas's future husband, John Rolfe, to America was said to have inspired Shakespeare's The Tempest.
avercamp ice scene Winter Scene on a Frozen Canal (detail), 1610–1620, by Hendrick Avercamp. Oil on wood. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Partial gift of Mr. and Mrs. Edward William Carter and purchased with funds provided by the Ahmanson Foundation, the Paul Rodman Mabury Collection, the William Randolph Hearst Collection, the Michael J. Connell Foundation, the Marion Davies Collection, Mr. and Mrs. Lauritz Melchior, Mr. and Mrs. R. Stanton Avery, the Estate of Anita M. Baldwin by exchange, and Hannah L. Carter, M.2009.106.23.

Avercamp's paintings were among many that depicted cold winters of the Little Ice Age.
riza-roman in tree Woman Seated in a Tree, 1616, by Riza-yi ­Abbasi. Opaque water­colors on paper, 10 x 20 cm. Philadelphia Free ­Library, Lewis Collection, inv. no. p120.

Riza was the leading painter of Persia.
rosicrucian illustration The Invisible College of the Rose Cross Fraternity, 1618, by Theophilius Schweighardt.

Rusicrucianism swept Europe during the early seventeenth century.
penthesilea Penthesilea, 1609, by Inigo Jones. Design for a court masque. 1616: The World in Motion in framed by accounts of two court masque performed for King James and Queen Anne of England.
wu bin Pine Lodge amid Tall Mountains by Wu Bin (active ca. 1590–1625). China, Ming ­dynasty (1368–1644). Hanging scroll, ink on paper, 98 x 308 cm. Asian Art Museum, Gift of the Avery Brundage Collection Symposium Fund and the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum Trust Fund, B69D17.

Wu Bin expressed a taste for travel and exotic landscapes.
squirrels in a plane tree Squirrels in a Plane Tree, 1605-1606, by Abul Hasan. Opaque watercolor on paper, 22 x 36 cm. British Library, Johnson Collection, Album 1. 30.

Abul Hasan was one of the leading painters in the court of the Mughal emperor, Jahangir. Another of his paintings appears on the cover of 1616: The World in Motion.




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